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Your National Association Program

Your National Association Program (NAP) is a membership program that provides Fortune 500 quality business and financial services. We guarantee that you will save money on all of our services when you choose TransAct. You will also start earning points towards our College Scholarship Program, as soon as you enroll. We are able to pass on these savings and benefits as a result of our association network relationships with more than 800,000 businesses. So stop wasting time and money trying to run your business.

Why Choose TransAct?


 "I am hearing great things across the country about TransAct from IPA leaders. They are saving about $200 per month on average. TransAct is a no brainer, doctors save money - guaranteed AND the IPA makes money. It's worth your while to take a look at TransAct very soon."

Reid Nelson,
IECP National Board Member



"As I told them, (knock on wood), everyone that has converted to TransAct has been overwhelmingly satisfied... of the 15 vendors working with the IPA, you have the #1 track record for customer satisfaction. Thanks for all your support of our IPA Members."

Kelly Haight,
Eyetopia Director of Operations


"It helps you run your practice more easily and profitably and I love it. As head of the largest Independent Physicians Association, I'm always excited to find better ways for physicians to operate more successfully. Now I'm happy to say I've found a great one: The TransAct Physicians Financial Health Plan."

Albert Holloway
President CEO
The IPA Association of America

What We're Talking About

The Big Why?

The Big Why?

Why? Why do we exist? This is one of the healthiest questions an organization can ask. Sometimes it is directly related to its products and services but not always.


Above All Else

Above All Else

Some phrases catch my attention more than others. One of those begins with three words: Above all else

There is much to say about life, relationships, business, ministry, etc. But when someone prefaces a statement with the clause, “Above all else”, they do so to draw attention to the main idea, the chief aim, the bottom-line, and the heartbeat of the matter.